hi friends

Many thanks for visiting my blog.

I hope you did enjoy going through the menu (on top of the page) that i have stitched together as much as i do enjoy doing the cooking part.

Just in case you want me to make any of the dishes, do contact me on +919404241901/ +918600106315/ 02041231020. When i am not cooking or walking our dogs, I am farming on our land & most of the time when i am working on the farm phones do not work since we do not have connectivity nor network. Hence please do give us a 48 hour notice for your requests.

Other links to get in touch with us is 1) our FB page & 2) in Pune Eat Outs: Home Chefs

Thank you,



1 thought on “hi friends

  1. Mallika Alexander

    Very interested in your menu especially the pork and lamb items. It would be good if you can let me know the process if ordering, delivery or pick up, if pick up , from where, price, minimum quantity to be ordered, how soon or late the order could be placed etc so that I can plan to give order.


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