Chicken menu

1. Baked Chicken in Indian spices

2. Baked Chicken in Mediterranean spices


3. Baked Chicken stuffed with mushrooms, onions & tomatoes

4. Baked Chicken stuffed with Sausage meat    

5. Chicken Stew : Malabari style cooked in freshly made coconut milk  

chicken stew

6. Chicken Chettinad : chicken curry cooked with roasted spices along with grated coconut from the kitchens of Chettinad

7. Chicken Xacuti : chicken curry cooked with roasted spices along with grated coconut from the kitchens of Goa

8. Chicken Cafreal : a Goanese dish cooked in green spices

9. Butter Chicken from Amritsar

10. Chicken cooked in creamy Cashew paste

11. Chicken cooked with spinach

12. Stir fried Chicken wings

13. Stir fried boneless Chicken wrapped in bacon

14. Stir fried boneless chicken slices wrapped in Zucchini

15. Sauteed boneless pieces of Chicken stuffed with olives, red peppers & fresh herbs.

gnocchi's, orange salad, stuffed chicken

16. Baked chicken legs with a cauliflower/potato jus

Baked chicken leg with Potato puree

17. Baked chicken glazed in Honey & mustard

18. Chicken Sukke : Malvani Style

19. Malvani style Chicken gravy

20. Chicken Pulav

21. Minced Chicken cutlets

22. Chicken Liver Sukke

23. Boneless Chicken made in Cashew & Cream paste

24. Nadan Kozhi (Chicken) curry, one of the mouth watering recipes from Kerala

25. Kerala (ish)style Pepper chicken

26. Chicken Ghee roast : A brilliant dry dish of Mangalore

27. Kozhi Ghassi : Superb gravy dish from Mangalore

28. Kozhi Mappas : A mild, yet flavorful dish, a signature dish of kerala

29. All the dishes above can be made with the real Country chicken, which we all may have had in our childhood, before the invasion of Broiler chicken. The Country chicken will be from our farm.

country chicken

30. All the above dishes can be made with Kadaknath Chicken from our farm. Kadaknath chicken is India’s only Black chicken, its meat renowned for its Pheasant like taste & has immense medicinal properties.



ghee roast


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