Lamb/mutton menu

1. Minced lamb cooked with green peas

2. Minced lamb cutlets made with mashed Potatoes, fresh coriander, black pepper & laced with Bread crumbs & Oats & served in a platter of green salad with a dipping sauce.

3. Minced lamb made in Mediterranean spices

4. Mutton Shepherd’s Pie with carrots & french beans & a crust of golden mashed potatoes

5. Mutton Kofta curry: minced mutton balls cooked in a gravy laced with cashew paste

6. Bone Marrow soup : a superlative soup with immense strength giving & immunity building attributes

7. Goat leg soup (paaya) with lentils : another immunity building wonder !!

8. Lamb chops in Indian or Mediterranean spices, served in a platter of green salad & a dipping sauce

9. Aloo gosht: succulent meat pieces cooked along with Potato

10) Mutton Dhanshak: a famed Parsi dish where meat is cooked with different lentils, vegetables, greens & served with Browned rice & fresh salad

11. Mutton Stew: Malabari style mildly flavoured mutton cooked in coconut milk laced with green chillies & ginger

malabari mutton stew & tomato rice

12. Roganjosh: Scrumptious delicacy from the Kashmiri cuisine distinguished by its thick, aromatic, flavourful red sauce and tender meatDespite its intense and vibrant red hue, this dish is not a fiery curry,

13. Kashmiri mutton Yakhni : A Kashmiri recipe made using mutton, curd, cardamoms, cloves, and cinnamon.  We offer both the curry version & the Pulao version

14. Laal maas : Rajasthani special. Again fiery red, but not spicy, its a mutton lover’s delight

15. Palak ka gosht (Lamb in Spinach)

16. Erachi varathathu (Malabari Mutton sukka)

17. Mutton Liver spiked in Black pepper

18. Kheema Kaleji: Mutton mince cooked along with liver

19. Bheja fry (sukka)

20. Mutton Ularthiyathu : one of the best mutton preparation of Kerala mutton, very elaborate, yet very simple

21. Chettinad Mutton Kuzhambhu (Spicy Lamb gravy)

22. Mutton Pepper fry

23. Goan Mutton Vindaloo

24. Kolhapuri Mutton Sukka

25. Goan Mutton Xacuti

26. Mutton Sukke :  Maharashtrian style, using freshly roasted & ground “Kaala Thikat”

27. Bhuna Ghost : Mutton pieces are slow cooked in whole spices.

28. Hyderbadi Marag : Lamb & nuts stew / soup. Marag is a totally delectable, spicy and creamy stew of lamb cooked with herbs and spices till fall-off-the-bone soft and thickened with roasted nuts paste and dairy.

29. Hyderbadi Haleem : No description needed !!

30. Nalli Nihari : During winter as an alternate remedy for colds & coughs


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