Pork menu

1) Slow cooked Pork Vindaloo: the famous Goan dish

pork vindaloo

2) Slow cooked Pork Sarpotel: another Goan speciality

Pork vindaloo

3) Slow cooked Pork Feijoada: Goan style with coconut & lentils

4) Pork chops: marinated overnight in mild spices & oven baked

pork roast, veg cutlets, tiramisu

oven roasted Pork chops


6) Pork (green curry) cooked in freshly ground coconut, coriander, etc

7) Pork mince : stir fry or cutlets

8) Chorizo pulao. (Pulao made with Goan sausages)

chorizo 004 (2)

9. Chorizo chilly fry

10. Pork Solantulem/ Amsol/ Binda sol

11. Pork Ard Maas

12. Pork Bafat/Dukra maas: thriller from Mangalore


13. Goan style roast Pork (asado de porco)

14. Pork Adobo (a Philipino classic)

15. Nadan Pork Ularthiyathu ( A simple stir fried delightful recipe from Kerala)

16. Pork meat balls in a tangy Tomato gravy

17. Minced Pork Pulav

18. Minced pork balls wrapped in Bacon

pork fest 010

19) Oven roasted Pork Belly

pork belly

20) Coorgi/Kodavu style Pandi Curry


19) Oven Roasted Pork Leg or Shoulder

july 2017 032.JPG



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