Vegetarian menu

lunch box

1. Aloo Poshto (a unique potato dish from Bengal made with khus khus & kalonji)
2. Tapioca (Kappa Puzhukku/ Mashed Tapioca made in grated coconut)
3. Raw Jackfruit puzhukku (Mashed Jackfruit made in grated coconut)
4. Ash gourd with lentils, made in fresh coconut milk
5. Snake gourd with lentils made in fresh coconut milk
6.Red Pumpkin with Chana dal
7. Karela sukke (with onions, tomatoes & a touch of jaggery)
8. Grated Yam (suran) with Green peas
9. Cabbage with Soya granules
10. Moru curry from kerala (Butter milk curry with yam or raw banana or green Papaya or pumpkin)
11. Eriserri (from Kerala) with Yam or Raw Banana  ( cooked with grated coconuts & black pepper)
12. Nadru Yakhini (Lotus stem curry kashmiri style)
13. Vegetable Stew (Malabari style simmered in fresh coconut milk)
14. Chettinad style vegetable Korma
15. Avial (the famed kerala mix vegetarian dish with grated coconut & buttermilk)
16. Pachadi (another famous kerala dish with grounded mustard, grated coconut & buttermilk)

a) with Red Pumpkin
b) with White Pumpkin
c) with Karela
d) with Ladies finger

onam (2)

17. Undhiyoo: a Gujarati favourite made with purple yam, sweet potato & other winter vegetables (available only during season)
18. Veg cutlets with potatoes, carrots, beans, paneer & beetroot, served with a green salad platter & a dipping sauce
19. Veg cutlets with Spinach & Corn

dinner 011 (2)
19. Vegetarian Shepherds Pie with a mix of vegetables soya mince topped with golden baked mashed potatoes
20. Baby Potatoes with cooked in home-made Pesto sauce

21. Bisi belle Bhaath. One of Karnataka’s most versatile dish, with rice, lentils & vegetables


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